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Sallyann’s Handmade Clare Large Messenger Bag


These beautifully made messenger bags are created from unique rainproof fabrics and recycled jeans.

Each bag is unique because only one bag can be cut from each pair of jeans, using as much of the jeans as possible in the manufacturing. The belt loops are used to attach the key clips inside the handbags, and the zips from the jeans are recycled into coin purses, using up the offcuts of the outer fabrics in the process.

The outer fabrics are my designs based on the beautiful wildflowers that grow locally around West Clare.

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About The Brand

Sallyann's Handmade Bags Logo

Sallyann’s Handmade Bags

Sallyann’s Handmade Bags is an Irish business that hand makes a range of handbags, messenger bags, backpacks, tote/shoulder bags from water repellent outer fabric and fully lined with recycled jeans.

The outer fabrics are designed by Sallyann, based on the wildflowers that grow in and around her studio. Sallyann makes all her products herself by hand in West Clare, and most of the handbags can be customised to suit each customer.

There is also a range of neckbands, fleece neck warmers and purses too. All Sallyann’s products are vegan and vegetarian friendly.