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McWilliam Blue Holdall


Holds all you want. Holds all you need.
Everything about the McWilliam Blue Holdall is practical. Hand made from abrasion-resistant, durable fabric, your McWilliam Blue Holdall fits a surprising amount of your belongings and, even when full, can be squeezed into tight storage spaces.

We’ve been hand-making McWilliam Bags in our loft near Crosshaven Co. Cork, since 1971. Many of those bags are still in use after 30 years because after a while, a McWilliam bag isn’t luggage – it’s a companion.

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About The Brand

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McWilliam Bags

McWilliam bags are everywhere – on-shore, off-shore, in the city or in the wilds – filled with books for school or towels for the beach. You’ll see them circling airport carousels as people return from holidays and business trips. Why? because they look great, they’re durable and they’re functional.

As sailmakers we know, if something’s going aboard, it must do exactly what it says it will do – and better. Sailors who knew they could rely on our sails for crossing oceans, knew they could rely on our holdalls, shore bags and totes with their distinctive stripe, practical design and incredible durability.

Each McWilliam bag is hand made, to the same exacting standards, in our loft near Crosshaven, Co. Cork. Wherever you see a McWilliam bag you’re looking at a bag that’s earned its stripes.