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Ériu Heirloom Baby Blanket in Rosebud


The blanket inspired by a real Irish grandmother: our Heirloom Baby Blanket is lightweight and carries the remarkable qualities of wool that are valuable for babies: breathable, temperature regulating, naturally anti-allergenic and anti-bacterial.

Designed with generous edging details, making corners easy for wrapping and tucking in.

Our blankets are handmade with 100% Irish Wool, using our special blend of Romney and Blue-Face Leicester.

Available in 4 colours.

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About The Brand

Eriu Logo


Ériu is named after the patron goddess of Ireland, queen of fertility, sovereignty and abundance. They wanted to create a thoroughly sustainable process of making Irish woollen blankets, sourcing directly from farmers, and enlisting local textile artisans. “Farm to Yarn” is their business’s mantra.