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Fountain Pen and Rollerball Writing Pen Gift Set


If you are looking for a special gift that will become part of its owner’s life and acknowledge their creative personality, the Woodland gift set we believe will exceed your expectations.

The pens are made with Irish Grown Elm, a rare wood in itself self, but we have taken this set one step further by using BURLED Irish Elm. This wood’s grain and colour are so beautiful; you could say that the patterns are manic; nothing makes sense, which makes it so rare and so different. The Elm came originally from the midlands of Ireland, and we got the wood from a clockmaker who retired and had lots of Elm offcuts built up in his stores for over 30 years, too small for his work but perfect for our pens. Only a tiny proportion of the wood was burled, making your pen extra special, rare and unique also!

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Irish Pens

We bring smiles to faces; we make gifts that people are proud to present to those who are special to them, gifts that have a unique link to Ireland and solve that age-old problem; what do you give to the one who has everything? Well, they don’t have a handmade writing instrument crafted from Irish wood that pays homage to Ireland’s literary heritage and acknowledges the purity of our country’s ecological landscape, a gift from the forests of Ireland.
A bit of a mouthful, but that’s how we feel about the pens we craft.