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As opposed to “fast fashion,” the AND Tate brand is a major supporter of the “slow fashion movement,” where designers, manufacturers and customers can make informed fashion decisions in the interests of environmental sustainability. We do carry small amounts of stock, but we strive to reduce excessive inventory of unnecessary fabrics and finished items by making just what will be bought and cherished. There may be a short wait for delivery, but it’s worth it as our clothes are designed to remain relevant and re-wearable for many years!

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About The Brand


Small ideas can grow into big projects. It was the fruitless search for the perfect white shirt for a special event that started the ball rolling – the idea of starting a new brand was born.

AndTate is the brainchild of Richard Tate and Sharon Hoey, a partnership that was established in 1985. Sharon Hoey is the highly regarded designer behind the eponymous fashion label, a brand renowned for luxury, simple silhouettes and beautiful craftsmanship. Richard Tate is the business partner who developed and expanded the brand that has enjoyed such critical and commercial success since its creation.

The AND represents the bringing together of our 30 years in the fashion business in Ireland. Our circular looped logo represents the threads that stitch our shirts together and binds our stories: past family, present business and our new brand.