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Torc Wild Bergamot & Leather Craft Gift Box


Get the best of our best-selling fragrance, Wild Bergamot & Leather, in a Craft Gift Box, which features our signature collection candle and diffuser to keep your favourite fragrance in your home for longer.

Wild bergamot, known as the prince of citrus, has a complex fragrance of being sweet yet deep at the same time. The undertones of lavender, cardamom, nutmeg, and black pepper serve as a robust base for the leather and sage.

This signature fragrance is perfect if you are looking for a complex collection to bring forth powerful emotions and memories.

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About The Brand

Torc Candles

Torc Candles are based in the south east of Ireland in the picturesque village of Borris in Co Carlow. Nestled in the foothills of Mount Leinster we started to hand pour our maiden range and now we are Ireland’s largest candle manufacturer, that did not happen overnight, we have been on quite the journey designing and making luxury fragranced candles for over 50 years.

We use a unique blend of natural waxes and innovative fragrances sourced from around the world as our passion and company ethos is to create the perfect burning experience for our customers.

We are committed to lead and continue to be at the forefront of all changing trends in fragrance and design with absolutely no compromise on quality.