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The Raw Juice Company Pack of 12 x 60ml Shots


A mixed selection of 12 of our 100% Raw, Cold Pressed “Health Shots”

What a great way to kick start your day or boost your energy mid-day.

Charge your day & boost your health with these super charged natural juice shots. Each one is focused on providing an intense boost of goodness. With a strong nutrient blend, containing inflammatory & antioxidant properties, they can be added to a drink or taken as a shot, either way, stay well and enjoy.

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About The Brand

The Raw Juice Company

Our juices are all “Cold Pressed” maintaining as much of the nutritional benefits as possible. This method of juicing provides a fantastically nutrient rich, natural, raw, wholefood, vibrant, juice.

Here at the raw juice company, we pride ourselves in making exceptional, cold pressed, vibrant drinks that are made with only whole foods and have a positive health function and impact on your lifestyle.