The Donegal Natural Soap Company Prep Set


This set will have you ready for the road and fit for anything. Whether your trip is hiking, biking, camping, glamping, staycations, awaycations. This is your tool kit!

This set contains a pair of super warm and sturdy Donegal Socks (that also look good!), an El Peregrino 3 in 1 Travel Soap (soap, shampoo, shave), a biodegradable liquid-wood soap travel case, a palm oil free moisturising soap bar, our Mega Loofah Exfoliator Soap Bar and a 50ml bottle of Dry Hand Cleanser for when you can’t find a sink.

Donegal Natural Soap has you sorted!

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About The Brand

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Donegal Natural Soap

We at the Donegal Natural Soap Company create simple yet beautiful natural soap & bath treats, where making a healthy choice is easy. Our skin is our closest environment so it makes sense to be good to it.

Donegal Natural Soaps are made with a blend of moisturising vegetable oil and butters, tinted with roots and spices and scented with natural essential oils for an aromatherapy treat. They do not use palm oil, one of the most common oils found in most commercial and handmade soap today.

We are committed to keeping all our products and packaging natural and environmentally responsible.