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TAPiTAG Digital Business Card


This is the digital business card you close big deals with. This is the digital business card that gets you noticed.

Each metal digital business card are expertly crafted with ultra-durable stainless steel and meticulously etched with fibre laser to guarantee the highest quality finish. Each digital business card has an NFC chip embedded inside, this allows you to share your TAPiTAG profile in seconds.

The metal digital business card is the most exclusive offering & each digital business card is custom etched in Dublin to ensure a first class finish. Every digital business card is unique & designed with you in mind. You have a goal & a dream, this is a digital business card to help you get there.

This is the digital business card you’ve been waiting for. Go change the game.

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About The Brand


Never buy another paper business card again.

All TAPiTAG products are built with the latest NFC technology. This allows you to share your contact details, social media profiles & much more by tapping your card off a phone. Your details can be saved instantly to the receivers phone when the save contact button is tap’d. You can also receive details with the ‘Connect with me’ Button. Update your details at anytime by logging into your profile. You’ll always be up to date.

No App Needed. Works on iOS & Android.