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So Good Juice Beetroot Trio Pack


Never miss a ‘BEET’!

Most trusted natural nitrate supplement by the worlds sporting elite. Through a chain reaction your body changes nitrates into nitrite oxide which helps with blood flow and blood pressure.

An improved blood flow in the body helps boost stamina which in turn helps you train and compete longer. Get your daily dose of only the best cold-pressed nutrient-filled shots.

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About The Brand

So Good Juice

Born out of a search for a non-medicinal alternative to heal the body and mind, ‘So Good Juice’ was founded during an autumnal walk on a Buncrana beach. Like most new business start-ups the idea grew out of an existing hobby. In our case, a family illness and some online research culminated in the micro farming of Wheatgrass in a shed in our garden.

Health and wellness has been a focal point in our family’s day to day routines and lifestyle choices. We have always had an interest in learning about how our food choices can impact on our holistic well-being. With a strong and trusted brand we strove to innovate further and meet the growing needs for non-medicinal remedies in tandem with the growing influence of sport in the town.