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Sea Remedies’ Seaweed Bath


Seaweed has long been credited for is therapeutic benefits. It contains a number of active ingredients which have detoxifying properties and helps in the evacuation of toxins from the Lymphatic system. As seaweed oils have the same consistency as blood plasma this facilitates the easy absorption of sea minerals into the body while bathing. The presence of Iodine, magnesium, calcium, copper and Zinc means it is full of natural goodness. Iodine for example is responsible for boosting metabolism and supports the immune functions of the body.

So whether you wish to sooth aching muscles, relax or nourish your body, our seaweed bath is ideal for you.

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About The Brand

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Sea Remedies

Sea Remedies have created the first ever soaps made with purified sea water, if you love the sea then you will love Sea Remedies.

Sea Remedies is made from all natural ingredients. We use simple techniques and all our products are handmade, making sure that there is minimal interference with the sea ingredients.

Our motto is Oceans of Natural Goodness and our products offer you just that, with nothing extra added.
Sea Remedies product range includes Sea Salts, Sea Soaps and Seaweed baths for you to sit back, relax, wash away your worries, and allow Sea Remedies to sooth, nourish, revitalise and heal.