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Seabody Ebb & Flow


Bookend your day with SEABODY’s Ebb & Flow collection which contains SEABODY’s powerful serum duo, the ultra hydrating Aquasurge Day Serum & facial inspired Overnight Elixir Serum.

Day Serum 30ML – Super-hydrating clear, luxurious texture. Enriched in marine hydration factors. Contains proprietary marine bioactive ingredients

Night Serum 30ML – Neutralises free radicals. Supports dermal cell turnover. Supports collagen & elastin production. Contains proprietary marine bioactive ingredients.

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About The Brand


SEABODY unlocks the power of ocean plants from the Irish Atlantic coastline, to create, luxury oceanic based food supplement and skincare products.

At SEABODY, integrity and impact are at the core of all we do. To deliver on this, for SEABODY’s bioactive extracts, only sustainably cultivated and hand harvested seaweeds are used, from which SEABODY’s potent bioactive ingredients are isolated.

Our passionate team of biochemists and nutritionists take cues from biology to develop bespoke formulations, each of which combines SEABODY’s algal bioactives with key micronutrients.