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Revive Active Tropical Flavour


Enrich your life with this Galway-founded and Mullingar-made super supplement, Revive Active. Delivered in a daily sachet containing 26 active ingredients that include 150mg of CoQ10, 11 vitamins, 7 minerals and 6 amino acids, that support energy levels, immune system, heart and circulatory system and contribute to a reduction in fatigue. Simply add the supplement to water and drink before breakfast to absorb the benefits.

Formulated for adults aged over 35 who wish to thrive in their busy lifestyles and prioritise their overall wellbeing. Treat yourself or someone you care about this Christmas with a one month supply of Revive Active to kick start the new year.

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About The Brand

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Revive Active

Our unique products are formulated and made right here in Ireland, then they’re exported around the world. We started with 4 employees and one product. Fast forward to 2020 and we now have 40+ members on the Revive Active team and 9 products, that support a wide range of needs. Our products offer tailored nutrition for every life stage from 4 years to 104 years, supporting the immune system, our brain, skin, joints and energy levels.

Our commitment to produce top quality products is recognized by our customers the world over and we have never forgotten our principals while still striving to be the best in our field worldwide.