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Rathbornes Dublin Christmas Candle


Let Christmas at Dublin Dazzle its way into your home.

Rathbornes aromatic, woody fragrance perfectly captures the magic of Christmas in the capital. Fresh Christmas tree notes all mingled with those familiar spices of cinnamon and clove and juicy sweet orange notes create the perfect, luxurious Christmas atmosphere in any home. A gift they are sure to love.

Available in travel, classic and luxury sizes.

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About The Brand

Rathbornes Logo

Rathbornes 1488 Candles

Founded in Dublin in 1488, Rathbornes is the world’s oldest candle company. For over 500 years Rathbornes candles have illuminated the streets, homes, lighthouses and churches of Ireland, and the candles which we produce today are still hand-crafted with many of the same skilled methods which we have used since the fifteenth century.

Today we no longer need candles to light our streets, but we choose them for our homes. The soft, wavering glow of candlelight provides the same comfort and romance as it has for centuries. Still based in the heart of Dublin, our candles, diffusers and bath and body products all celebrate our rich heritage and they mark the culmination of centuries of innovation.