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Pure Oskar Ultimate Goodness Gift Set


This gift set contains: 4 x 100g soaps and an eco-friendly soap bag.

A Shea Butter & Oats Soap containing innate qualities to help soothe sensitive skin. It includes oats to help remove dead skin and boost natural peeling and shea butter to help smooth and cleanse your skin. Its plant-based ingredients have an anti-inflammatory effect.

A Honey Soap for those seeking heightened moisturising qualities.

A Carrot, Cucumber & Aloe Vera Soap blending a pure vegetable basis. If you are seeking to soak your skin in pure plant based goodness, then this is the soap for you.

A fast acting Goats Milk Soap that can be used equally well on your body and face to address acne, ageing and redness. It restores the PH balance in skin and has an amazing moisturising ability.

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About The Brand

Pure Oskar

We are a family run, Irish skincare brand specialising in ethical, natural, high-end soaps and candles. Our products are made from pure, natural ingredients and we make them with our very own hands. We believe that our lifestyle choices matter and that as individuals we can make a difference. We are simple folk who like to live simply. We have eco-friendly work practices at Pure Oskar. We also have a strong no waste policy. Our workshop, in Kildare, is a plastic free zone. Our no waste policy was a key starting point to our journey. We had some soaps left over from our initial creations and to avoid any waste, we decided to gift them to friends, colleagues and family. Our early adopters gave us the insight and motivation to make soaps for anyone who wanted a handmade soap made from pure natural ingredients. From all of this, we realised Pure Oskar had a place in the world and so our story embarked on a new chapter.