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The Home Moment Mulled Wine Fragranced Candle


Taking you home to cozy winter nights spent in great company. the warm embrace of a smouldering drink, the smell of cranberries, orange zest, and subtle spices. reminiscent of fond memories of arriving home after a long journey to enjoy endless nights of warmth & love. Just in time for Christmas.

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About The Brand

The Home Moment

Feeling anxious, sad, frazzled, restless? Has your home become a one stop shop for everything? Finding it hard to carve our time and space for self care? Life is hectic but your home doesn’t have to be. The Home Moment have carefully curated a collection of fragranced candles around the psychology of scent, to evoke powerful feelings and memories. All for the purpose of creating feelings of calm, comfort, alignment, grounding, peace and joy. Turn your space into a blissful sanctuary to unwind. Light a candle, engage your senses and come back home to yourself.