Mama Nagi’s Cooking Classes


“Memories are the key not to the past, but to the future.”
Make special forever memories for your Loved One!
Theirs no better memories you can make than cooking with your mom, dad , brother , sister or best friend !
If you are at a loss end as to what to buy someone, then fear not, as Mama’s got the perfect gift for two.

What’s Included?

One hour Zoom cooking class for Two
One Steel Spice tin & 6 spices
Shopping list, equipment list, prep notes and recipes
1 hour live online cook-along class
Include family or friends – Class is per household
Interactive and live – ask all the questions you want

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About The Brand

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Mama Nagis

I set up Mama Nagi’s in 2015 from my home in South Dublin Ireland with the idea to bring authentic raw chilli paste made from popular Indian recipes to the Irish market. This concept and idea stemmed from when I used to return from the UK with my mother’s (the REAL Mama Nagi) hot Punjabi chilli paste, something that was not available here Ireland. My mother’s recipes have been handed down through her family before her, culminating in a rich palate culinary tradition which has followed my family from India through Uganda, to the UK and now to Ireland. My mother’s family recipes and cooking are celebrated locally at her home, now in Lancashire in the UK, that I felt now would be the time to introduce some scintillating flavours to the ever more growing Irish market for Artisan food.