LED Reflective Vest


One size fits all design: Fits waists 26″ up to 60″. A new and charged battery lasts a long time (up to 12 hours in flashing mode). The LED reflective vest gives off a good stripe of green light on the front and on the back (more importantly) two long strips of red light. But this was not enough for us so for ultimate safety & visibility we added reflective elements throughout the vest so you are seen from all angles. he very thin rechargeable battery supplies power to both the front and back of the LED vest. The advantage of a very thin battery is that you don’t even notice it’s there. In addition, it is rechargeable which is firstly very convenient and secondly also more environmentally conscious than batteries that you have to replace.

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Bodylite Gear

During autumn and winter daylight running opportunities are hard to get, so running during low light was becoming very frequent. One night while out running at night with a headlamp, I decided that I had enough of this, I wanted a proper running light as this short term fix wasn’t going to keep me on the road running consistently for long. I wanted a light designed specifically for running. I wanted a product that had a strong light at the front, focused on the ground in front of me, lights at the back to keep me safe and with storage for phones/music etc. There was no product like this on the market, so I began prototyping and testing during the winter of 2013 up until 2016. Bodylite gives me comfort and confidence so that I could go running on the road no matter what the time of day is, I’m delighted with it.