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Kinvara Absolute Cleansing Oil


Kinvara Absolute Cleansing Oil is a multi-award winning hot cloth face cleanser made only from 100% plant oils. It contains an innovative blend of skin loving plant oils to restore balance and cleanse your skin, gently and effectively.

The perfect cleanser for all ages and skin types, including oily, sensitive and dry skin. It can help balance oil production, as unlike surfactant based cleansers an oil cleanser doesn’t dissolve the oily sebum on your face but rather gently cleanses without stripping your skin. It will effectively remove all your make-up, including waterproof mascara in less than 60 seconds!

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About The Brand


My name is Joanne Reilly & Im the owner-founder of Kinvara skincare. I set up Kinvara nearly 10 years ago because I was frustrated with the products available to me. They either didn’t work or made things worse, were very expensive or didn’t reflect my values – sometimes all of those things!

Up to that point I was lucky, in that my skin had been always been relatively trouble free but lifestyle changes, stress, and physical changes left my skin reactive and tricky to manage. I was lucky in that I knew what to do to help myself. Fieldwork to Sumatra and earlier expeditions to Mauritius showed me how local people turned to plants as a natural resource, a natural apothecary. So I was very confident that plants held the solution to my skin problems and with that belief in mind I set about making products for myself.

5 years on I’m making products for myself & 1000’s of happy customers all over the world.