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Johnny Magory Augmented Reality App


Download a state of the art app and bring your favourite Johnny Magory books to life through augmented reality.
Learn about Irish Wildlife with interactive quizzes and have hours of fun with the Outdoor Explorer Buddy.

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About The Brand

Johnny Magory Books

Growing up in Ireland each and every night Emma-Jane’s Mammy and Daddy told her “a story about Johnny Magory”. These ‘made-up’ tales were usually derived from whatever sort of harm and devilment EJ had got up to that day and she couldn’t wait for bedtime for her mother to read a book and her father to tell her a story about what Johnny had done too!

This inspired her to write down a few stories and bring Johnny McGory to the next generation (and indulged her passion for little people with big imaginations, writing and wildlife as well!).

Johnny Magory Business is evolving from simply a book series to becoming a brand for all things children, outdoors, exploring and Irish heritage, wildlife and culture.

Our purpose is to get kids outside exploring & connecting with nature. Our aim is to educate them on Irish heritage & wildlife (but through lots of craic and grá!)