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Hand-Beaded Collar by Marion Murphy Cooney


These stunning hand-beaded collars are made to order.

All items created by MMC are handmade in Tipperary. If items are on sale, made to order or pre-ordered, we are happy to provide a credit note, exchange or alterations. Refunds are not available.

More colours available.

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About The Brand

Marion Murphy Cooney

“Marion Murphy Cooney did not stray far from her roots; geographically as well as metaphorically.

This  Limerick Lady waited until 2005 to launch her first bespoke label collection; but this was only a formality as her designs had donned the backs of many a long time before this.

MMC designs encapsulates femininity-in all its forms. Marion’s  decision to marry the contemporary with the classic ensure that each collection has never strayed far from its foundation stone. The result of this marriage is that each MMC design has a romantic edge that permeates each collection-but never dominates. It allows for an underlying, indomitable confidence; all in respect of the discerning wearer.

Her creations are exuberant, facilitated by her emphasis on cut, a perfect grasp of style and a keen eye for colour.  They are pieces for day to day living as well as life events. They have repeatedly caught the attention of the discerning buyer as well-as having been courted by celebrity clientele

Her studio is based in Nenagh, Co. Tipperary, allows her to work closely with local master craft people. This reflects Marion herself; harness the organic talent while never compromising on quality and style.

If you seek out an original ,inspirational piece, irrelevant of the occasion, then you just need a consultation. The rest is in safe hands. .”