Glass EcoCup


Borosilicate glass
Thermal shock resistant
Stain and odour resistant

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EcoStraws supply many different types of Eco friendly reusable straws and 100% biodegradable disposable straws. Our stock of reusable eco-friendly straws include Stainless Steel, Glass, Bamboo and Silicone straws. We manufacture these from high quality materials which can be reused again and again. You can store them in your cutlery drawer or carry them with you in our drawstring pouches. Our biodegradable EcoStraws are available in Wheat, PLA, and Paper, and we even stock Edible Straws so you can have your straw and eat it too! These EcoStraws are sourced from 100% natural materials which means they are completely biodegradable. Once they have passed the prime of their life, you can put them in your compost bin.

EcoStraws come in different shapes and sizes, some with a bend, some straight, some short and some long. Our world premiere foldable and spring action reusable straws are our biggest sellers. You can tuck these into a pocket or handbag or even attach them to a keyring. In fact if you can think of an EcoStraw we don’t stock please let us know!

Our packaging is Eco-friendly and recyclable too and we endeavour to ship all our stylish EcoStraws in biodegradable, plastic-free parcels.