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Ginger Seaweed Salad


This salad has pickled ginger in the recipe which gives it its distinctive ginger flavour. It contains 106 microgram Iodine per 100g salad. The colour is natural beetroot red. It is ready to eat salad. It also can be part of the main meal, combining well with dairy products, cheese and yoghurt, With Yoghurt it can accompany porridge or be used as a dip or with Pumpernickle or Soda Brown Bread. Suitable cheeses are Mature Cheddar and Soft Blue Cheese. Sardines, Crab, Monkfish and whitefish also go well with it.

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Healthy You - Seaweed Salads

These salads may be enjoyed on their own or as meal components with vegetables, rice, quinoa. Our website has recipe suggestions along these lines, which are quick and easy to prepare. As such they are a very suitable meal or snack choice for both elderly and teenage group as well as the population at large.

There are over twenty vitamins (A, C, D and the B complex) and minerals present in seaweed (sea wegetables). These have been in man´s diet long before agriculture developed. one of the major minerals is iodine, present in no other vegetable in any significant amount. Iodine is essential to maintain healthy thyroid function, the body´s principal metabolism controlling hormone systems.