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COLOMBIA – Geisha Coffee


Rosewater, earl grey tea, fleshy stone fruits with a smooth honey body.This lot is a geisha lot that was specifically hand selected before then being taken down to the farmhouse where it goes through a second additional picking phase by a specialist team of local women. The coffee is then taken to be pulped and then it is then taken to raised African beds where it is dried for 15 – 20 days at a temperature of 35c until the moisture reaches 11%.

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About The Brand

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The Studio Coffee Roasters

We are proud to roast coffee from all over the world to create our own single origin coffee’s and also work with customers to tailor coffee specific to their requirements.

The quality of our roasted coffee depends on our green bean suppliers, they source beans from 18 producing countries.We are delighted to support them as their origin projects and partnerships create access to credit, provide agronomy training, support gender initiatives and raise funds for education.