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Jo’s Chocolate Protein Balls: Make At Home Kit


Love to bake/ make but don’t like the mess…. Allow us to introduce Jo’s easy peasy Make At Home Chocolate Protein Ball Kits.

Just add honey to our mix, with step by step instructions on back of pack and then ‘Roll’ – that’s the fun part!
Each kit makes approximately 20 balls (depending on how big or small you roll them) and you can coat your protein balls in any coating you prefer, e.g., melted chocolate, desicated coconut, cocoa or even crushed rice crispies, whatever you have in your cupboard.
And because all of our tubs are fully recyclable and reusable, store your protein balls back in the air tight container that your kit came in.

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Jo's Absolute Nutrition

My love and passion for food and nature has always been there. I cooked, experimented and created recipes for my children and making my own treats and snacks at home has always been second nature.

When friends visited they would ask for my recipes or for me to make extra next time for them. Before long I had a queue in the mornings at my car outside the school!

Our aim is to bring more natural and convenient wholefood snacking options, without compromising on taste. Just like I make for me and my family.