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Cacao and Bergamot Vegan Milk Bath


Vegan Organic Coconut Milk Bath.

Dreams really do come true.

Bathe in a dark chocolatey Milk Bath.

Raw Organic Cacao Powder, with it’s ancient healing powers will create a sacred space for you in your home.

Draw your bath, pour in Cacao & Bergamot Milk Bath and reconnect body and mind.

Nourish and mosturise your skin and allow the natural scent of Bergamot essential oil lift your spirit and calm your mood.

We use single origin organic cacao powder, made from the finest heirloom variety cacao beans. The certified fair trade cacao is grown, and processed by small family collectives in the Amazon rainforests of Satipo, Peru. The pods are harvested and cracked open, before the beans are removed and fermented at a low temperature of around 45oC. Unlike many other cacao powders, these beans are not roasted prior to grinding. The skins are simply removed leaving the cacao nibs which are ground to liquor. This liquor is then pressed to make this premium raw cacao powder.

Real hand cut Orange slices provided with every Cacao & Bergamot Milk Bath.

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About The Brand

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Milk Bath

Small Irish business based in North County Dublin.

Covid 19 changed the way we live our lives overnight and made our home a lot more hectic.

I have crafted a bespoke Milk Bath product to help alleviate some of this stress and create a calm sacred space in your home.

As a Mum of 4 kids, using natural ingredients was so important to me. My daughter suffers from eczema and the Milk Baths soothe and relive her delicate skin.

I source Irish suppliers as much as possible with a focus on organic and sustainable. All packaging is fully recyclable.

Immerse yourself in healing waters, restore calm and promote mind & body wellness.