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Bodylite NightVision Light


Elevate your road safety with the NightVision Light, a compact and versatile lighting solution designed to keep you visible and secure during nighttime activities. It is a compact and lightweight light that can be easily attached to various items, including clothing, bags, helmets, and more. Whether you’re running, cycling, walking, or engaging in any low-light activity, this innovative light has you covered.

The NightVision Light is equipped with a robust lithium-ion 3.7V 1200mAh battery, ensuring long-lasting performance. Its USB Type-C interface simplifies charging, making it easy to power up and stay safe.

Explore with confidence, knowing you have the power of the NightVision Light on your side.

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Bodylite Gear

“During autumn and winter daylight running opportunities are hard to get, so running during low light was becoming very frequent. One night while out running at night with a headlamp, I decided that I had enough of this, I wanted a proper running light as this short term fix wasn’t going to keep me on the road running consistently for long. I wanted a light designed specifically for running.

I wanted a product that had a strong light at the front, focused on the ground in front of me, lights at the back to keep me safe and with storage for phones/music etc. There was no product like this on the market, so I began prototyping and testing during the winter of 2013 up until 2016.

Bodylite gives me comfort and confidence so that I could go running on the road no matter what the time of day is, I’m delighted with it.”

– Bodylite founder, Padraic George