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BabyBoo Littleboo Baby Bib


Drool busting, cute looking, rash avoiding, dry clothing, triple layered bib!

This bib will be perfect with so many outfits on your little one. It is sized and shaped specifically for a newborn or young baby. It sits on your baby’s shoulders so it soaks up any milk they lose out the side of their little mouth. Particularly helpful if your newborn has lip or tongue tie.

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About The Brand


BabyBoo is a cult favourite for many Mum’s across Ireland and around the world. Their iconic Droolbusting Bandana Bib is a game-changer for teething babies.

BabyBoo was founded in 2014 in Cork by Vicki & Michelle & continues to go from strength to strength. We created BabyBoo after we struggled to find quality clothing for our children who were suffering with eczema and reflux. We have since expanded our offering to incorporate a range of organic cotton, sustainable products for babies and children.

Our range currently includes bibs (obvious choice), organic cotton blankets, beautifully soft and special organic cotton robes and pyjamas.