Spotlight Oral Care was created in 2016 by Dr Lisa & Dr Vanessa Creaven with the aim to create the best oral health products, to educate and promote oral care, empowering people to engage with true customised preventative oral care. As dentists, they have a unique insight into the needs and wants of patients. Spotlight Oral Care, stemmed from their passion to meet the health and beauty needs of their patients & customers. The range of products combines the latest advances in oral care research with the highest quality of ingredients while always keeping the patients and customers in mind.

Dr. Lisa & Dr. Vanessa identified a gap in the market as patients struggled to find safe and effective oral care products that contain clinically proven active ingredients to target their dental needs. They also identified that in the dental profession there is a lack of sustainability with billions of toothpaste tubes sitting in landfill each year. To tackle this issue they had to make a move to become more environmentally friendly and aware. Spotlight Oral Care’s toothpaste tubes are made from sugar cane making them the world’s first ever 100% recyclable tube which completely revolutionises the oral care industry.

Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush: Using professionally designed sonic technology, Spotlight Oral Care Sonic Toothbrush uses efficient, high-frequency brush movements to ensure both toothpaste and oxygen are delivered to even the most inaccessible parts of the mouth.

Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Strips: Created by dentists, Spotlight Oral Care Teeth Whitening Strips contain the active whitening ingredient hydrogen peroxide which is clinically proven to whiten teeth. Our products whiten teeth gradually and safely at home. Wear strips for one-hour daily for 14 days and combine with our whitening toothpaste to brighten teeth and get real results without sensitivity.

Ultimate Total Care Bundle: Our Ultimate Total Care Bundle contains our Teeth Whitening Strips, Dental Floss for Decay, Mouthwash for Teeth Whitening, and the game changer to your oral care regime: our Sonic Toothbrush. This is the ultimate bundle to treat yourself to or to someone you want to share the love with. Each product contains harm-free ingredients that contribute to your overall health.