Kinvara Skincare was founded by Dr. Joanne Reilly in 2012 after she struggled to find skincare products for her own tricky skin that didn’t cost a fortune, make things worse or include some suspect ingredients. Frustrated with the products on offer she decided to take things into her own hands and started making simple skincare products to look after her own and her family’s skin.

Not everyone with tricky skin decides that the best thing to do is make their own products but Joanne drew on her strong research abilities gained through her doctoral work in conservation ecology in Indonesia. Her experiences there demonstrated that plants were the answer to just about everything and secondly, that poor environmental management could have devastating consequences for people, animals and the environment.

So when Kinvara Skincare was born it was inevitable that it would be a natural skincare brand, rooted in plants and with a strong commitment to sustainability and its customers. Product, People and Planet are in Kinvaras DNA. To this end we’re working all the time to make improvements such that a Kinvara skincare purchase is a positive purchase. We use sustainable packaging options like sugarcane bioplastic in our tubes, plastic bottles made from recycled plastic and amber glass jars. We are certified Cruelty Free and Vegan.