After years of preparation, we are excited to finally launch our life’s labour of love, Grown Forest.
Grown Forest is a collection of land sweeps around Ireland. We plant many species of native Irish trees, meadows and pollinating Irish flowers.
Our goal is to protect damaged eco systems, replenish hedgerows and deepen road side boarders which develop, protect and shelter biodiversity.
We are proud to say that our trees are legally protected from being cut down at any stage in their life. This is a gift for many future generations to enjoy and a legacy that you have helped to create.
Grown Forest is located on beautiful plot of land in Co.Wicklow. At present the land is surrounded by non native destructive agroforestry. There is almost no biodiversity left in the area. Disheartened by the level of agroforestry we wanted to create a haven of native woodland right in the middle of it all.

Our Woodland Card features a variety of not often planted or even known, native tree species. Our goal for these trees is to bed in deep into the land and to enhance the natural habitat, biodiversity and ecosystems.
We hope you can join us on our journey in restoring damaged ecosystems and forests in the knowledge your tree will live on, protected and nurtured for generations to come. We hope to see you on one of our community planting days.

You will receive:
• A beautifully commissioned mailer and certificate designed by Sally Caulwell
• Each certificate will have the location and cert number of your tree
• You will receive updates and imagery on the progress of your tree and the forest
• Digital certificate €22
• Card €25

Mailer and certificate is also available as Gaeilge

Hand-made frames:
• GROWN frames are 5 x 5’’ hand using reclaimed floorboards from old Irish dance halls
• The front of the frame is sanded clean to reveal the beautiful maple wood, while the sides are left with the worn and marked surface of the polished floorboard, telling the story of its years of wear
• Recycled wood to frame new trees
• Card and frame €48