We’re 100% Irish owned and operated and I’m proud to say our headquarters are based in Co. Meath, Ireland. The entire product range offered by Crann is an ode to Irish culture and traditions. Crann is the Irish word for tree and so each product carries a unique Irish name that holds a personal significance to the Crann family.

Crann started in 2018 with a mission to introduce eco-friendly products to a large demographic of consumers. We believe that by upcycling and recycling materials into products he can play his role in the clean up and reduction of waste pollution in the world. Recycling materials can reduce the consumption of new waste materials, reduce energy usage and ultimately reduce pollution. All our products are made from 100% recycled materials!

We want your Cranns to be the last watch or sunnies you ever own so we offer a LIFETIME WARRANTY!

Are process to create our products is quite unique.

  • We source all types of unused and waste products made of wood & plastic.
  • Imagine your Crann Sunnies might have actually been an Oak table turned into a fashion piece.
  • We believe all items can be upcycled into something amazing! You just need to have the right imagination and process.
  • Once we have the “waste” product we then go about turning it into workable blocks, sheets etc so we can go through the manufacturing process to be made into the Crann product
  • You’ll notice on the website sometimes we have items out of stock and this is because of this process example would be we can find it hard to find Oak, Walnut Or red sandalwood so we have to walnut until we get some and start to unique Crann manufacturing process