Founded in 2019, we are a luxury slow-fashion brand with a vision of empowering women through unique garments made consciously in Ireland and designed to last a lifetime of experiences.

My mission is to promote fashion that is at peace with the planet. Though we are just starting out and have a long way to go, we are striving to ensure that each piece is made sustainably and ethically. We promise to be accountable and transparent so that you can trace your garment from my imagination through to its materialisation.

Having grown up in Ireland, a small island known for its wild beauty and rich heritage of craftsmanship, the desire to protect and celebrate our natural surroundings became integral to my design process. Each collection has its own story to tell, inspired by a unique blend of past and present.

Fashion brings me joy. It is a form of artistic expression and makes me feel like I can take on the world. My pieces are tailormade for the powerful and ambitious woman’s wardrobe. I hope that in the moment’s #WearingAoife, you achieve your wildest dreams.