ACORN is Ireland’s first Age-Friendly Smart Tablet.

Irish made, designed, and supported with the older person in mind. It is easy to use, easy to navigate, and uncluttered, making online communication and access to the internet simple and rewarding for even the most inexperienced user.

What is the Acorn

Acorn was setup and devised in mind to make sure they were digitally connected so they could be informed, interactive & involved in their community locally, nationally & internationally

How? Acorn’s age-friendly design allows non-digital people to grow their experience and confidence in the digital world through ease of use, uncluttered screens, and a simple user experience.

What can it do? Acorn users can communicate via basic call & video call  with long distanced loved ones, search the internet, stream videos, listen to music, create events, keep up to date with the latest international, national, and local news.

Why Now? Within the current climate of Covid 19 and the impact of lockdowns/limitations of movement, Digital services are now at the forefront of modern society. The Acorn Smart Tablet allows older people the opportunity, the means, and a medium to communicate with family, friends and the world.